Wicked wood fired pizza

Work Hard. Be kind. Have Fun. Make good food. 

We know why you're here. It's the food, that wood-fired pizza thing we do. That crunchy, yet softly chewy sourdough crust. The spicy yet subtly sweet marinara. Mountains of ooey, gooey melty mozzarella. Cups of pepperoni filled with finger-licking-good pepperoni grease. Fresh-cut veggies perfectly paired with pesto.  The blasting warmth, the woody smell, and the high drama of cooking in a wood-fired oven stuffed to capacity with pizza. Magically mouth-watering pizza.  



At Wicked Wood Fired Pizza, our pies are created from the bottom up. We start with 100% organic sourdough crusts, made with a 16-year old sourdough starter from the kitchen of Dough Master Bryan Brandon.  The long fermentation process of the sourdough makes it easy to digest and, when you take that first bite, activates your taste buds to take you straight to flavor town. Each pie then gets topped with a delicate balance of house-made marinara, sauces, meats and fresh, seasonal veggies, then charred to melt-in-your-mouth perfection in our wood-fired Italian-made oven. 

Simple, delicious and wicked good. 

Pizza: the perfect meal. An open-faced pie using spicy sauce, melty cheese and any manner of toppings. Tastes like heaven.
— The Internet